What We Do

Seniors4Seniors are Connectors

I am seeking meaningfu service

We connect high school students with senior mentors, with clear and active minds, who are residing in senior residential facilities.  

Seniors4Seniors Benefits These People

Senior Care Communities
High School Students
  • We connect you with a senior mentor, often who shares some of your interests

  • We provide you the information you need to succeed

  • You will have access to tools that will help you track and document your service

  • We connect you with a high school student you can associate with and mentor.  We strive to connect you with a student with whom you have shared interests

  • You have an opportunity to be a positive influence in the life of a youth member of our community

  • You may make a new friend

  • Your residents will be able to provide service to a youth member of the community

  • They will have an opportunity for positive interaction as they serve as a mentor to the student

  • Members of the community who have parents or grandparents, who could become new residents, will become familiar with the quality of your community

  • Seniors4Seniors facilitates standardized guidelines for each student visitor and other necessary paperwork to meet your facilities requirements, saving the time of your staff members.

  • Seniors4Seniors facilitates a standardized and safe method for connecting your students with senior mentors

  • Guidelines are established in cooperation with the senior community staff to assure the safety and security of the student and the senior mentor during visits

  • Students participating in the program have the opportunity to have a rich and rewarding service  experience 

  • The process of scheduling meetings, having person to person interactions, and the documentation processes will enable the student  to develop valuable life skills.

What's New?

February 2020

Seniors4Seniors is very pleased to welcome Professor Jason Powell, PhD, FCMI, AoU as Honorary Distinguished Fellow of Seniors4Seniors.  He and I connected a few weeks ago on LinkedIn, with Jason expressing interest in helping Seniors4Seniors to accomplish its mission of connecting the senior members of our community with the youth, enabling them to serve and learn from each other.  To quote Jason, “I have massive regard for your organization…and would like to help".  We are pleased to find someone who shares our interest in enriching the lives of our seniors and youth. 

Jason is currently Professor of Social Gerontology, Associate Dean and Academician, Staffordshire University and has served as a Professor at many other universities and has been a visiting Professor in US, EU, China, Canada, Jordan, South Africa and Australia over eight times. Formerly, he was invited as Visiting Research Fellow at University of Oxford and Visiting Research Scholar at Harvard Medical School. Jason is Honorary Fellow in Ageing at The University of Liverpool, and now Honorary Distinguished Fellow for Seniors4Seniors, USA.

I invite you to learn more about him by viewing his LinkedIn profile

at https://www.linkedin.com/in/professor-jason-powell-phd-fsbp-frai-frgs-frsa-frsph-finstam-aou-fcmi-62493012/.