Seniors4Seniors is a nonprofit corporation that enables connections between students and senior community residents seeking opportunities to serve one another.  

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Be Discovered!

Let the World Know How Great You Are

You have created a beautiful atmosphere for your residents, one you want the world to see!
  • With many options available to seniors how can they learn about you?
  • Those seeking a community for a parent are often their children, grandchildren and other family members.
  • What if those family members could learn firsthand about the quality environment, caring staff and amenities your community provides, perhaps even prior to when the need arises?

How do family members of seniors learn about your community?  Expensive marketing campaigns don't always provide a measurable or acceptable return on your investment.

Seniors, who may soon need the services you offer, often have grandchildren in their high school years.  These grandchildren and their grandparents and parents can become familiar with your community as their grandchildren serve and are served by your residents.

High school students can learn about your community,  sharing enriching experiences with your residents while fulfilling service requirements for graduation.

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Who Benefits?

  • Your residents are often lonely and seek social interaction

  • They desire to be appreciated for their knowledge, life experience and expertise

  • They want to be a contributing member of the  community 

  • They have decades of acquired insight they enjoy passing on to future generations

  • To graduate from High School  youth are required to provide community service or complete a senior project

  • They desire to provide worthwhile service to others

  • They need to gain experience in social interaction, organization skills, and learn about and develop their talents

  • They need quality mentors

  • Senior Centers provide fulfilling, positive experiences for their residents

  • They become recognized as contributing members of their local community

  • They increase awareness of your community among family members of likely future residents

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