It's Easy to Get Started!

Step One - Let us know you are interested 

  • Just click here to sign up.

  • We will setup a profile for you as a Seniors4Seniors volunteer.

  • We will contact you by email and let you know the what to do next.

Step Two - Tell Us About Yourself

  • To help us connect you with a youth that shares some of your interests and may have experience in a career or educational direction you would like to learn about, we need to know that type of information about you.  

  • You will also provide basic contact information so we can communicate with you.  After your setup is completed we will provide you a free emails address and Google Drive account to use to communicate, share information, and access forms and tools, while protecting your privacy.

Step Three - Safety Guidelines and Agreement

  • In today's world, privacy and safety is very important.  We need your help and commitment to help us maintain a safe and comfortable environment for all participants.  

  • You will read, agree to and sign an agreement that you understand and commit to being safe and appropriate in all your actions related to Seniors4Seniors.  

Step Four - Connect with Your Youth Connection

  • Make the initial contact with your youth connection.

  • Seniors4Seniors will help you get a good start by providing suggestions on how to get to know your youth connection. 

  • Coordinate with your youth connection regarding best times to meet and schedule your next visits.