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Do You Want to Make a Difference?

Within each of us is a desire to give back

Make it a meaningful experience!

The life of both the giver and receiver are enriched when service is freely given

We gain a clearer perspective of life as we come to understand the challenges others face

....while completing service hours for graduation

Give service to others!

Why Choose to Serve Seniors?

How does Seniors4Seniors Help?

  • Service is more enjoyable when you are able to directly serve another person.

  • Our senior citizen community, particularly those who are residents in a senior community setting, find great joy when they interact with others, particularly youth.

  • Our seniors also have a wealth of knowledge and experience you can learn from.  They are great mentors.

  • You may be able to serve a senior who has worked in a career field of interest to you.  You may have other shared interests that you can enjoy together.

  • You can meet with your senior in person, by video or by phone.

  • You provide the service, we set up the connections.

  • We collect information about yours and the senior's backgrounds in order to connect you with a senior who may share your interests.

  • Your information is kept confidential.

  •  Seniors4Seniors program.

  • Online tools are provided to enable the tracking and documenting of your service.

  • We provide information regarding the senior community where you will be serving your senior mentor, protecting the safety of all participants.

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